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Sell Your Expired Listing For Cash Now

Sellers find it difficult to be optimistic after a listing has expired. Most are excited and nervous when that listing agreement is first signed, hoping that the home sells quickly and for a big profit. It's frustrating to wait week after week for a purchase offer when that offer never arrives.

Regardless of the length of listing, whether the agreement was for a term of 90 days, 180 days or a year; when the listing has expired, the broker / seller relationship has come to an end.

Why is the home not selling? Here are a few reasons why...

Where is the business plan to sell your home? Review the marketing plan with your agent, step-by-step. Did your agent drop the ball? Did you? What worked, what didn't pull ad calls or showings? Did you do a virtual tour, send out direct mail, put a lockbox on the property?

Condition Of The House
Go out and look at other homes on the market to determine if your home is in the same condition as those actively for sale. Perhaps you need to do repairs before selling. Maybe your home needs to be staged. Does your home scream curb appeal? Have you followed any home showing tips?

Buyer Objections
What have buyers said about your home? Review buyer feedback, which your agent should have obtained for you when your home first went on the market. Is there validity to what buyers were saying? How can you compensate for those objections?

This is our process to help YOU obtain your GOAL

We buy houses cash in California

Tell Us About Your House

Contact us and tell us about the property. With that info we will promptly review it and get you an offer within 24 hours.

All cash fair offer

We give you a fair offer

In 24 hours or less you will have our offer with no obligation on your part. You have the option to accept or decline.

We buy properties as-is condition with no repairs and no fees.

Closing date

You control the entire transaction, you decide when its time to finalize the sale. Just relax and receive your check, we do all the work.

House Price
Some times you have to wonder if the price for you house was right. You could spend all the money in the world fixing up and marketing your house, but the wrong price on the right house guarantees no sale. Some agents will overprice a listing just to get the listing and show that they can sell it for more than the actual home value. Before you set the price, start shopping online for houses similar to yours in your area so you can get a better idea at how much you can sell yours for.

Contact Several Real Estate Agents
Interview agents. Ask the hard questions to determine if the agents are giving you the right answers. Find out what another agent might do differently. If another agent offers substantially more service than your existing agent, list with that agent. Check your criteria for choosing a listing agent.

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