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I am selling my home and found mold! Now what? The potential is there for mold to be found in almost every home. Where there is any amount of moisture, mold can and will grow. However, the real estate community has become increasingly aware of serious mold issues – ones that can do significant damage to home sales.

Molds such as stachybotrys chart arum, or black mold, can cause serious health complications, and substantial liability issues for the sellers of homes that contain black mold.

As a home seller, you cannot afford to mess around with mold growth. You can deal with mold in a responsible way that should help you sell your home for a fair price, and clear you of any liability should the mold return after the sale – but you must deal with the problem directly. There are not many things that will scare a home buyer away from your property than faster than mold!

How Does Mold Affect Home Sales
Selling a home with mold is not something you want to mess around with. There are buyers that will bail out of a home sale at the first mention of mold discovered in a property! Everyone is familiar with common household mold, the fungi that pops up in all kinds of moist environments.

It grows on food left too long in the fridge, for instance. Unfortunately for homeowners, it also grows in attics, bathrooms, basements and virtually any moist surface around your home. If you see black spots developing on a wall in a poorly ventilated room, for example, you are probably noticing the beginning stages of a mold problem.

Mold is all around you, generally in airborne spores searching for an ideal place to land and develop. In small amounts it is not a problem, but when it finds a moist place in your home and you fail to notice it, it can quickly develop into a serious problem.

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Mold-Related Health Effects
Mold has a necessary place in our environment. Without it we’d be overrun with debris, such as fallen leaves.

However, there are times when mold can be a problem for us. This includes when mold invades our indoor environment, including homes, schools, or workplaces. When mold enters these environments we can suffer from adverse physical symptoms ranging from respiratory problems (sneezing, runny nose, or asthma) to headaches and memory loss.

The media likes to blame "toxic mold," also known as "black mold," for mold-related illnesses. Stachybotrys chartarum is the mold claimed to be the "killer mold," but this particular mold, although possessing many mycotoxins (a chemical released by the mold that has the potential to cause illness in humans and/or animals), is no more toxic than, let's say, Aspergillus niger or Trichophyton rubrum, which can also be found in homes.

According to research, approximately 10 percent of the population is allergic to mold. Children younger than age 5, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, such as chemotherapy patients, can be severely and even fatally affected by exposure to mold. Susceptibility varies with the quantity of mold present and length of exposure.

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